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Community : Community: ECLIPSE II review

Posted by:
[u]Heres a quick rundown[/u]
-Price: USD $69.95
-Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 9 x 1.1 inches 2.6 pounds
-Key characters and keypad illuminate through laser-etched keys
-Media keys for volume control, play/pause and skip tracks
-Variable backlighting adjusts through dimmer mechanism
-Angle adjustment and extendable wrist rest for maximum comfort to suit the way you type
-Weighted base with large area rubber feet to keep keyboard securely planted to the desk
-Quiet, cushioned keys for hours of stress-free use
-Familiar 104 key layout
-No divers needed/shipped

now for the pics :D

heres a pic in a well lit area and the palm rest not extended

*The palm rest is not as fancy as 1st Eclipse witch might be a downer to some people but it don't bother me since i dont use it anyways

Heres a pic with the palm rest extended all the way

As you can see it has side accent lighting, kinda cool i thought

heres a better shot of what i mean by side accent lighting and a comparison to a quarter

this time around Saitek decided to add a 3rd level to the angle adjustment aaaand they kept the sticky rubber feet to keep it from sliding around when your aggressively typing or ponin some serious n00bs ;)

The glossy black inlay is kinda spiffy too , but really shows fingerprints and and any lil drop of dust

now for the lighting (this is what sucked me in...well this and the NO DRIVER part)
for the brightness there is a variable dimmer and three colors Blue,Red and Purple. I know purple is a lil [i]girlish [/i] but since it uses both of the colors it is brighter (I still stick to blue)

Dimmer and basic media keys

Colors mmmmmmmmm

so for i have no real complaints myself but if i were really picky these would probably my only gripes
* price
* blocky palm rest
* could use a few extra hotkeys

for the hotkeys I allways used to get keyboards with all the extra hotkeys for IE WMP and so on but never really used them so i gues thats just more of a preference??

Posted on Friday, August 24 @ 06:09:16 EDT by BopChizzle

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